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            Moon 700i
This amp is truly a beast. 175 watts per channel, incredible current. Performance among the best in the world. Carries a regular pricetag of $17000. so perhaps out of reach for most but this used piece will come with a 4 yr parts and labor warranty. A couple of small marks on the face edges. A little more accessable at this  much lower price.

            Moon 750d
High quality DAC/cd player from Moon sold new for $14000. This was purchased from Moon as a Bstock piece and comes with 5yr parts and labour warranty on electronics. 18 months on mechanicals.

 Moon 700i / 750d

Buy this beautiful combo and we will contibute $1500 toward the purchase of proper interconnects or power cords.


     Bryston B100sst

Canadian built 100 watt per channel integrated amplifier. At least 7 yrs remaining on the warranty. No remote, no phono, no dac, no box, no packing, no manual. Does however look good and works properly.


            Monitor Audio
          Gold 300

This pair of speakers was sold to a customer and returned to us a year later. The boxes are gone and there are a few blemishes on the cabinets. Sound quality is excellent. Balance of 5yr warranty. Click here for other speaker

                Krell S300i

150 watt per channel integrated from Krell. Nice amp particularly at this low price. Complete with box , remote and manual.


      PS Audio PWD
     with Bridge
In proper working order. Not as good as the new unit which sells for about 8k but at this price a very good value.


            Moon 750d
Very high quality dac/cd player. USB, coax. toslink and aes/ebu inputs and a very reliable transport mechanism. Sold with balance of original warranty. Complete with all accessories and packing. Oriiginal price $14,000.00

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               Prices in Canadian $$

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              Prices in Canadian $$


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        BAT VK3i
    with six pak
Very nice remote preamp includes the six pak upgrade. Very open spacious sound quality using 6922 tubes.
We also have a used phono stage we could install if required for an additional $500.00

   Monitor Audio
    Gold GX200
Finished in attractive bubinga wood, this pair of speakers is less than a year old. We sold a lot of these on a special over the last couple of years at $3750. At this price they are an excellent buy.
Speakers are complete with all accessories and original packing. For pic of other speaker click here.

   Sonic Frontiers                 SFT1
  Older cd transport comes with the original remote and original box. Works well and is in good cosmetic condition.


        Totem Sttaf

Small tower speaker from well regarded Canadian speaker manufacturer. Good clean condition


        BAT VKD5se
       with bat pak
This is a beautiful sounding cd player. Uses 6h30 tubes for extremely low noise floor and with the bat pak power supply upgrade bass weight and dynamics are incredible. Sold new for $8000usd.
We just put a new laser into this piece and works like new. For pic of inside click here

       Focus FS78
Simple but high quality 2 way system. Nice cabinets  but some marks. to see other speaker click title.

Reduced to 


  PSB Stratus Gold i

Classic older speaker. Sold new in $3000 range. Well balanced sound with full bass.


        Naim Intro
Small 2 way floorstanding speaker system from Naim. Click here to see other speaker


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    Monitor11s 7

Recent trade in nice condition. Loud and proud. If you are interested in these make sure you listen to our Monitor Audio Bronze 6 before you buy.

    Grand Mezza

An excellent product from Italy. An attractive speaker clad in mahogany and leather. Sound excellent. 1pr of demos in Mahogany. Also have a pair of black gloss new in box
Reg $3050.


      Linn LK100
50 watt per channel stereo amp


Manufactured by renowned French high end company YBA. System includes tuner, cd player and amp. Also comes with system remote.



Totem Model One
Limited edition version in dark wood veneer. Looks to be a very dark Mahogany. Biwire version in proper working order. Cosmetically the rest of the speaker looks as good as the front. No box and no grilles.


   Cyrus Dad3/PSXR
This older cd player sounds very good  on it's own but when  coupled with the matching power supply upgrade it is excellent. Good working order and good cosmetic condition. Comes with remote.

   Linn Aktive System
System is comprised of 3 Lk100 amps with Aktive crossover cards and a pair of Linn Kaber Aktive speakers and a Linn Numerik. We have just received a Karik on trade so the system now has a preamp. Pkg price
    $2500.00                   link to Linn pics
(all our current stuff)


140 watt per channel high quality power amp. Sold new in the $4000 range. Lots of current with nice full sound. Probably close to 20 yrs old


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