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Revel Concerta 2 all in stock speakers 30% off

    Arcam SA10
2channel stereo receiver.50 watts per channel. Toroidal transformer for very low noise performance The amplifier sounds great.High quality built in MM phono stage. Also a built in dac to allow hookup from digital sources.
reg price $1300.00
New in box clearance special $900.

Arcam SA20 reg $2599.00
New in box clearance special $1600.

Arcam CDS50 reg $1899.00
New in box clearance special $1499.


   Martin Logan Motion i Series clearance sale
Our best selling line of speakers were recently updated with all new models. We bought as much of the discontinued product as our stock room could hold and are currently offering the product at a price reduction of 25%. Most models available in Gloss Black and Red Walnut

Motion 60xti  $3000.00 pr
Motion 35xti $1275.00 pr
Motion 40i  $2175.00 pr
Motion 20i $1800.00 pr
Motion 15i $825.00 pr



 Martin Logan
Motion 50 xti
 We have a very limited number of these discontinued center channel speakers in Gloss Black only

 $975.00 each

Buy a pair of Martin Logan Motion fronts and rears to go with this center and receive another 10% off the already discounted price of all the speakers in the package.


 Revel Concerta2 M16
Very nice larger bookshelf speaker availabe in gloss black or gloss white. Great sound for the dollar. Surprising bass weight.
Reg price  $1400. per pair

New in box clearance special per pair


         Moon 780d demo
Now discontinued, this unit must be sold. New model on order and coming soon.  Reg $21,500.
Click the pic for more detailed description.


  Moon 740p demo
Our current reference system preamp. Soon to be replaced with a new model. Line level only.
Reg price $11,500.



         Moon 860aV2 demo
Time to replace this beautiful amplifier with a new model. Reg price $25,000.
Click the pic for more detailed descripion.



 Moon 750d
 A extraordinary dac with a cd drawer for direct cd playback. Great sound. Original retail $14,000. Complete with remote and full packing.



  Klipsch RP8000F
 Now discontinued, it's time to sell our demos. Reg price on these is $2098. per pair.

 Now 40% off


   Moon 240i
This Canadian built product is the best selling amp we have in the store. This trade is under warranty until June 2032. Features a built in mm phono, 32 bit dsd dac, and a most incredibly precise and phase coherent 50 watt per channel amp.
Sells new for $4100.


          Canton Ventos 890.2dc
Well made German speaker. In very good cosmetic condition with original packing. Sound good.
to view other speaker click here


   Revel Concerta2 F36
Reduced $300
Still current speaker from high end US speaker company. Currently selling at close to $3000.  This pair sold new in May of last year so still have 4 years warranty. In very good cosmetic condition and of course perform properly.

 Now Only


  Acoustic Research SP6b
 Non remote tube preamp with phono stage. Sounds good.


   Martin Logan ESL
This model is still current. Their entry level model in the Electromotion electrostatic series.
Selling new for $3500, these are in like new condition.
for second pic click here


  VonSchweikert VR1
 Beautiful red cherry finish. Everything in beautiful condition.
A great sounding pair of bookshelf speakers with matching stands.


LCR15 Center speaker with stand



       Revox A77
 Older reel to reel from highly regarded Swiss manufacturer. In good working order with some extra tapes and accessories thrown in.


              Revox B760
Extraordinary older fm tuner. Sounds amazing and works as it should.


   Rega ElexR
Used for just over a year and then traded back in. Remote control and phono stage. New version selling for $2445.

We just received another of these on trade.Also in excellent condition.  About 8 or 9yrs old and we are selling it for much less.


          Dunlavy SCIII
Tall pair of speakers from American manufacturer. Good sound and in good shape.


 VPI Traveller
 Very good turntable. In great condition with brand new $170. Ortofon cartridge installed. Dustcover is optional.


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Prices in Canadian $$

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                             Prices in Canadian $$

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                             Prices in Canadian $$

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          Marantz HD AMP1
Very nice off sized integrated, perfect for desktop operation. Built in dac features coax, toslink and usb input making it perfect for use with your laptop or home computer. Very good sound from this remote controlled amp. Sorry but no phono

The cd player in the pic has been sold.

      Rotel RC1590mkII
This is the current version of this preamp. Features remote, built in mm phono stage. 32 bit dac with lots of inputs including a usb b for best computer hookup capabilities. Balanced ins and outs and lots of rca inputs. Currently available new for $2600, this unit is about a year old. Comes supplied with remote, manual and power cord.



Psb Imagine T2
This speaker from well regarded Canadian company. Sold new around $3000, still in very good condition. Grille covers included.



   Focus FS78
  Part of the signature series this speaker is very well made and sounds very good. Incredible cabinet construction and good choices in drivers make this a very desirable speaker. Cabinets are a bit rough but a little work with some mimwax pencils will clean them up nicely.
Grillcovers are in excellent conditon.
for second pic click here


   Unison Research Max2
 Large, very efficient 2way hornloaded speaker.Finished in beautiful high gloss mahogany finish
Our store demo. Reg $11,000.



   PSB T65
Large tower from well regarded Canadian speaker company.
Good condition.


  NAD C510
Digital preamp. No analogue inputs but lots of digital stuff. Inputs include 2 hdmi, aes/ebu, toslink, spdif and usb. Rca and balanced outputs.


            Blue Circle BC1022
   120 watt per channel solid state power amp. In good physical condition and sounds correct.

                             Prices in Canadian $$

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Prices in Canadian $$

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                             Prices in Canadian $$

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                             Prices in Canadian $$

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