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           Thorens TD166
       Shure M97xe
Nice sounding setup. Cartridge is new with a reg price of $169. Suspension is in very good shape and cosmetics are good.


            Moon 750d
Very high quality dac/cd player. USB, coax. toslink and aes/ebu inputs and a very reliable transport mechanism. Sold with balance of original warranty. Complete with all accessories and packing. Oriiginal price $14,000.00

     Thorens TD280

In good clean condition. New stylus installed.


         Linn Classic

Older all in one cd player and amp. 4 high level inputs, a pre out but no phono. Remote included.


        B&W 706s2
Beautiful gloss black finish on this very nice 2 way bookshelf speaker. In absolutely pristine like new condition. For pic of other speaker click here.
Matching center channel also for sale. Click here.  $750

           All three pieces


                JM Labs
      Chorus 707
Large bookshelf speakers. In good condition. One of our better sellers back in the day.


   Opera Mezza

An excellent small monitor style speaker made in Italy. Nice Cherry finish and great sound. Our demos . New model coming soon.
Reg   $1500


  Thorens TD166mk2

Very nice basic table from Thorens. Classic spring suspension. In very nice shape. Ortofon OM cartridge included.


            NAD C556
Purchased new in Dec 2019. In near perfect condition.


      Vienna Acoustics
   Beethoven Baby               Grand
Very good sound for the dollar. High gloss black laquer finish. Notice the reflection of our carpet in this very nice finish. Click here for other speaker.


  Thorens TD160HD

Newer version of the TD160. Comes with thick acrylic platter and a Rega Arm and Grado black cartridge. We rewired the arm with Cardas and its ready to go. Dust cover included


 McIntosh MCD7007

cd player with remote in good working order.


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        BAT VKD5se
       with bat pak
This is a beautiful sounding cd player. Uses 6h30 tubes for extremely low noise floor and with the bat pak power supply upgrade bass weight and dynamics are incredible. Sold new for $8000usd.
We just put a new laser into this piece and works like new. For pic of inside click here

  BAT VK3ix

Tube preamp. Very high quality performance. Comes with remote.


      PS Audio PWD
     with Bridge
In proper working order. Not as good as the new unit which sells for about 8k but at this price a very good value.


    Monitor11s 7

Recent trade in nice condition. Loud and proud. If you are interested in these make sure you listen to our Monitor Audio Bronze 6 before you buy.

            Aragon 24k

Older preamp with phono and outboard power supply


   Rega Jupiter 2000

Older remote controlled cd player from well respected British company. In good working order. Sold new for approx $2500.


          Hitachi PS15
Full auto vintage turntable in nice wood fiinish. Decent weight.

        Teac AX501
Surprisingly good small amp from Teac. Sorry but no phono


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            Kef LS50
Well reviewed speakers from British manufacturer. In good condition.


       Monitor Audio
     Radius 370
Very nice small sub in real Walnut finish. Reg $1000.

   Cyrus Dad3/PSXR
This older cd player sounds very good  on it's own but when  coupled with the matching power supply upgrade it is excellent. Good working order and good cosmetic condition. Comes with remote.

        Naim Intro
Small 2 way floorstanding speaker system from Naim. Click here to see other speaker


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