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  Roksan Kandy K3
 Very nice 150 watt per channel integrated amplifier with phono


             VPI Scout JR 
Well designed entry level table with  Ortofon 2mRed cartridge.
Demo clearance deal.
Reg. $2150.00


          Revel S16 White
Great sound in a wall mount speaker. White only. Reg 1300.00 per pair


                  VPI Scout 
   Original Scout with Audio Technica Line Contact stylus and Ginko dust cover. Superb turntable.


                  Kharma KEL 1a 2M 
Speaker wires, non biwire, well terminated with spade connectors. Very nice sound quality. Last time I saw a pair of these offered for sale was on Audiogon a few years back, a used pair at $6000usd. For another  pic click here.  We will include the cable lifters that came with the cables at no extra charge.


          Kharma KEI 1a
  We have 2 pairs of these very nice   sounding interconnects. In great condition. Would make for a nice package with the matching speaker wires.

   1m      $1000.00
   1.5m    $1500.00


                           Kef 104/2
 Vintage speakers from British manufacturer. Still in nice condition. We do have the grills also in good shape .  Sound is  big, warm and wonderful.


 Cambridge Audio Azur540a
Decent little integrated amplifier. No phono but does come with a remote.


   Unison Research Max2
 Large, very efficient 2way hornloaded speaker.Finished in beautiful high gloss mahogany finish
Our store demo. Reg $11,000.


             Unison Research       Triode25 
store demo
25 watt per channel triode
45 watt per channel pentode
  New version comes with usb input at 4500. which this unit lacks
Demo clearance deal.


                  NAD C510

Digital preamp. No analogue inputs but lots of digital stuff. Inputs include 2 hdmi, aes/ebu, toslink, spdif and usb. Rca and balanced outputs.


            Opera Mezza 
   Nice pair of demo bookshelf speakers. Beautiful cherry wood finish.   Reg $1500.00

                             Prices in Canadian $$

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Prices in Canadian $$

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                             Prices in Canadian $$

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                             Prices in Canadian $$

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   Monitor Audio
Silver 6
 5 yr old pair of speakers in very nice condition. Sound absolutely correct in all regards. One small mark on the side of one speaker. Will cover up nicely.
Small mark visible here



 Monitor Audio
Radius 270HD 
Demo model, real wood veneer in good condition. Sound good.
Reg. $1299.00


       PS Audio PWD
Great sounding dac. Is equipped with a Bridge ethernet card. A bit clunky compared to new streaming devices but the Dac itself sounds amazing.


   Reference 3a Veena
 Small pair of towers. Absolutely beautiful finish. Sold new in the $3500 range


                  Primaire DV30
Audiophile quality cd/dvd and sacd player. Working well and comes with remote.


               Krell KPS20T
  Very high quality cd transport in great condition with remote control. Box and original packing.



              Krell Reference 64
 2 piece audiofile quality dac. Wonderful sound.Lots of inputs. Perfect match with KPS20T
transport.  Original box and packing.


                 Moon 750d
Very high quality dac. Inputs includes aes/ebu, spdif, tosliink, usb and lastly a built in transport for direct cd playback. Reg retail on this beast was $14000. Full packing and still some warranty.


   KingRex HQ1
 Small headphone amp with external power supply. Beautiful red finish. One set of analog inputs, one set rca line outs and a headphone jack with volume control.


VonSchweikert LCR31

  Beautiful center channel speaker from US manufacturer. Very hard to find piece.


               Teac AX501
  Stereo Integrated Amp
 Class D Amp 120 Watts Per Channel at 4 OHM
XLR Balanced Input Terminals  Large Capacity Toroidal Core Power Transformer for better performance

      Original price $1499.00


   NAD C326bee
 40 watt per channel integrated. Remote control but no phono stage

                             Prices in Canadian $$

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Prices in Canadian $$

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                             Prices in Canadian $$

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                             Prices in Canadian $$

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